I  should begin with the proposition that my writing has no merit akin to traditional blogs/literature. I am an amateur. A stubborn and unconventional novice.  But I’d like to think of myself as a coherent dilettante, and one who writes for herself. My writing is a reflection of my perception of the world and personal experiences, and is influenced as such to a large extent.

I have received separate messages via e-mail, text, and tweets regarding my last post. To my dismay, so many of what was written was lost. (There was nothing intricate or flowery about it. Or perhaps that is their way of going around the topic) Did my reflection and its topic make people feel uncomfortable? Though as a writer and avid reader myself, I cannot dismiss the right of the reader to convey my writing as he/she chooses. It’s their right. Comprehensibility is contingent on the reader’s level of comprehension of course, but also their own personal awareness of the world and perhaps Me.

But…there was one person who understood. One, who heard my voice and not their voice as they read it. Allow me to quote, “This is the best way to tell someone f*ck you without having to say f*ck you. Awesome.”

I  do not seek to be understood much less is it an aim. (I am still not sure what my goal is as a writer, other than to write for the sake of writing as a passion) However, when one is understood, when recognition is the result of the reader fully processing the information,  you cannot help but to say, thank you. Thank you for listening to my voice.


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  • Raquel A.

    Your topic didn’t make me as a reader feel uncomfortable, and I understood the post as you meant to convey it quite clearly, but then again, I knew you closely during that time frame. I also don’t try to categorize your writing with traditional nomenclature, but I would say that I am impressed every time I read your work with its honesty and raw emotion (I can hear your voice through it all) but also your literary components. Keep writing and expressing yourself – not everyone will understand every body of work you present, but your voice will undeniably always be heard.

    February 12, 2014 at 9:00 am Reply
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