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Shrimp and Corvina Ceviche



So I don’t feel like a complete fraud…I am no cook. I, however, made it my New Year’s Resolution to learn a few dishes from my father and mother-in-law who are amazing cooks. Here is one of the first recipes I have learned from my father, who I lovingly call “papi,” but he doesn’t like the nickname. In Basque culture, we say “Aita” for dad…not papa, papi, or any other variation. So, obviously papi is my favorite nickname for him.

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You will need:

8-10 peeled shrimp

the 2 thin slabs of Corvina from each side of the filet – makes about 12 bite sized cubes

6 limes

Tabasco Pepper sauce


White Pepper

Purple Onion


Hass Avocado (optional)


Boil shrimp with water and salt – humble recommendation if you don’t buy fresh and use right away… Buy packs of fresh frozen shrimp and put directly in freezer. When you want to make a shrimp dish, cut out and defrost the number of shrimp you want to use. Usually, the shrimp that are displayed in local groceries were previously frozen so not as fresh as we think. If buying these, ask grocer if they were previously frozen.

I purchase Corvina filet from Costco and use the left and right sections/ their margins so to speak. They are thinner than the middle, larger filet, which I recommend you prepare within a couple days of purchase.

Rinse with water and pat dry

Remove any fat

Cut into bite sized pieces

Generously add salt and white ground pepper

Flip and repeat seasoning one time

Take limes/ cut in half and slice small slits on all four sides. This helps maximize juice extraction.  

Put Corvina in a container that is not too deep nor too wide because when you pour the lime juice you want to make sure to cover all the fish. This is how it cooks.

Add 3-4 drops of Tabasco Pepper Sauce. (One option is to skip the white pepper altogether and add 6-8 drops of Tabasco instead.)

Pour lime on fish / make sure all fish is covered with the lime juice

Remove boiled shrimp from water/ put shrimp in water and ice for a couple minutes then pat dry

Season shrimp with a bit more salt and generous on the white ground pepper (Remember if you add the extra Tabasco no need for the pepper here.)

Slice shrimp in half

Mix shrimp into the Corvina bowl

Cover with aluminum foil and place in fridge for one hour.

When it is ready to be served, slice half a purple onion and chop some cilantro. Add onion and cilantro to bowl and serve.

One suggestion is to serve with a sliced Hass avocado.


P.S. We would be excited to have you share your dish with us. Please hashtag your photo on Instagram – #doubtsanddesires

(Recipe and photo by Josie Urbistondo.) 


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