What to listen to in the car! TED Talk Recs for Improving your Communication

So it seems I am getting older for pop radio. I really never thought this would happen. I am one of those people who never, ever gets tired of a song I love. I can listen on repeat and fashion myself on American Idol as I belt out whatever tune is in vogue. At times I feel bad for my daughter, as she is my prisoner/ captive audience for my impromptu performances. However, these days I have caught myself thinking it is always the same three songs on the radio. Then, I put on Pandora or watch out, pop in a CD and take myself back to 90’s hip hop, Marc Anthony (past and present), Foo Fighters or my Mariah Carey station. Don’t knock it; I have liked and unliked my way to the optimal Pandora song list for her station.

With not enough hours in the day, however, when I feel intellectual and want to optimize my time in the car, I listen to TED Talks or other podcasts. Hello Serial Season 1!

***Below are D & D’s TED Talk Recommendations for improving your communication.


1.Economist Tyler Cowen discusses the innate human need to tell and to organize one’s life around stories. As a person who loves the act of storytelling in almost any genre, I was compelled to rethink how we organize our lives through the comforting yet limiting standard plot lines. He maps out the pitfalls of narrating one’s life versus the scary yet more honest messiness that is living.

2. Robert Waldinger is the fourth Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development which is a 75-year-old study, following about 600 men throughout their adult life. Along with archiving personal, medical and professional statistics, they have focused on how to measure happiness and fulfillment. One major take away is that happiness is directly linked to the quality of the relationships one nurtures. In an age where we want more likes and hearts, a high quantity of casual connections, this talk refocuses priorities to the qualitative aspect of our relationships.


3. A talk everyone needs to listen to. Celeste Headlee on 10 Ways to improve your conversations.





  1. Yined July 6, 2016

    Wow, I can’t agree more about today’s radio! I listen to NPR mostly in the car and their podcasts while walking the dog. They also feature TED talks and one about fear really resonated with me. Must check these out!

  2. Garlic + Zest July 6, 2016

    I am utterly addicted to Ted Talks! Thanks for turning me on to these podcasts! Will check them out!

  3. Belinda July 6, 2016

    Hi Josie…thanks for sharing this. I always looking for things to help me grow. 🙂

  4. Silvia July 7, 2016

    Imagine how I felt as I read your piece. I am older than all of you and I listen to npr and catch the prairie home companion on Sunday’s religiously. To think that pop radio got to you at an earlier age is really rewarding. Like you said there are only so many hours in the day for us to enjoy that powerful car ride and listen to what makes us feel something. Anything but the same 😖


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