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A Yoga Practice Gone Wrong

Photography by @yoginidanny

I inhale to a count of 4 as my abdomen expands in synch with my breath. An audible slow exhale follows through my nose as I double the count. Yoga is a graceful dance between my body and mind while moving within asanas. It’s a cathartic discipline that has taught me stillness, the role of breath, and helped me become more self-reflective. While I am calmer now, I wasn’t always this way. Two years ago, I was in a perpetual state of distress. Riddled with anxiety, I suffered from daily panic attacks. Provoked by an artificial fear, the anxiety frenzy elicited immense grief.

I come to yoga to unlearn many of my retro beliefs. Exhibiting strength, I take another deep breath in, lift my arms and stretch my body from my toes to my fingertips. I deepen the stretch, but instead of shifting my pelvis forward, I do a slight backbend. Breathing out, I bend forward and that’s when I felt it. A painful prick in my sacrum. Moving was agonizing! I called a cab and went straight to Urgent Care. With a strained muscle and limited movement, I felt broken.

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